Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aspire to Be Inspired!

This winter has been especially challenging and harsh for vast numbers of people throughout the country and abroad. As a result of these severe, unprecedented environmental stressors, your home and your health may have been significantly threatened.

In the midst of the constant barrage of storms and their aftermath, you probably felt that you were struggling to "keep up" or merely survive.

As the snow and ice disappear, the severe winter weather seems to fade into an unpleasant memory. You may even be surprised at how quickly you can be absorbed by the promising signs of milder days ahead.

These typical responses to the weather provoke this question:

How can I enjoy myself amidst all the conditions of my life?

To experience a helpful response to this question, you might experiment with the following exercise:
  • Pause.
  • Let yourself relax as you bring your attention to your body.
  • Focus on feeling your breath.
  • Witness whatever you experience in your bodymind without judgments.
  • Allow yourself to be at ease.
  • Imagine and feel any of the conditions of your life.
  • Continue to relax, feel your breath, and witness these conditions, while you feel at ease.
Without any effort, as the feeling of ease deepens, you will experience stillness. You are enjoying yourself without regard to your current, past, or future conditions.

In this timeless space, you can reconnect with your essential Being of Peace, Love, and Joy.

Your feelings of struggle and survival melt away, memories become less powerful, inspiration flows more consistently, and your actions express your expanding freedom. In this way, you experience unconditional living.

As you practice the art of unconditional living, you will release your resistance and develop gratitude for the ever-fluctuating pleasant and unpleasant conditions of life.

You will strengthen your ability to love it all!

May this Thai proverb support your daily practice:

"Life is so short. We must move very slowly."

Love and Peace,

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