Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gift of Receiving

During the holiday season, most people happily focus considerable attention on giving. All the retail stores and online companies dream that this focus will encourage gift buying at record levels and lead to a profitable bottom line for the year.

While this orientation supports the ancient maxim that it is better to give than to receive, an important question arises about "receiving" that merits consideration.

What do you value, what is important to you, about receiving?

To clarify your views on receiving, here are some additional questions for reflection:
  • How would you describe your presence with presents? Consider the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual qualities of your presence in the moment.
  • How does your presence change when you are receiving gifts or anything else in various situations, or with different people?
  • To what extent is it easier for you to give than to receive?
  • What circumstances within and outside you create blocks in your ability to fully and freely receive?
  • What internal and external conditions help you receive from others?
  • What other questions or concerns do you have about receiving?
  • What might you do to enhance your capacity to receive?
As you review these questions, you may benefit from making further distinctions in the behavior of receiving. For example, you may have observed that "engaged receptivity" feels very different from "passive acceptance" of a gift, both when you're giving and when you're receiving.

When you wholeheartedly "take on" someone else's giving, your receiving demonstrates an acknowledgment of that person's attention and efforts on your behalf. This kind of receiving can have powerful, memorable effects on the giver and the receiver, especially when you act authentically, and express genuine gratitude for what you have been given.

In these ways, receiving can become an intimate interpersonal response, and your expansive gift to others.

May your receiving touch the heart of everyone who gives to you.

Love and Peace,

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