Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sustaining Your Momentum: Allowing

In Releasing Resistance, I illustrated how common forms of pain in everyday life combined with resistance create suffering. This habitual suffering distracts you, absorbs your time, attention, and energy, and restricts movement toward your desired outcomes.

By releasing resistance, you break the limiting habit, stop your suffering, and pause for possibilities. The pause turns your attention away from resistance and opens up the space to move toward something else.

To take optimal advantage of this open moment, you need to engage another method of sustaining your momentum, allowing.


Allow typically means to let, permit, or take no action to prevent, which characterizes some of the "pause" in releasing resistance. Within this pause, in addition to "letting go," you must let yourself "move" in some way.

This form of allowing extends beyond passive permission into active, creative, innovative, and expansive ways of freely and fully being, doing, and having. As such, your movement may be a physical act, or can involve a less tangible emotional, mental, or spiritual change.

Consider the following scenario.

Suppose that "struggle," a form of suffering, has become an expected and pervasive part of your work life. You want to transform this habitual obstacle, so you identify your resistance in a specific, current situation. That is, you don't feel appreciated by you boss or "visible" in your job, and you haven't been able to let go of "what is."

In effect, you've been desperately knocking at your employer's closed and locked door. By acknowledging her unchanging behavior toward you, and forgiving yourself for persistently going after her, you begin to release your resistance and let go of struggle.

You end the "knocking" and related pain, pause, and step back from the door.

Now, you're ready to engage dynamic allowing.

To start, you might actively examine your beliefs and feelings about work, your values and purpose in any kind of work role, and your aspirations or desired experiences for the future. You might also talk with friends and family about ideas, read about interesting career opportunities, or investigate other options in your company.

With this exploration, you will see yourself from a fresh perspective or paradigm that fosters internal and external change toward possibilities that you probably never imagined when you were resisting.

Eventually, you will cultivate new beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that reflect you without resistance, resonate with your natural purpose, and allow for the full expression of your HeartVoice in the workplace.

With practice, you will find this flowing and inspired experience of yourself influences the quality of your Presence in all areas of your life. Within your value system, you will allow your whole bodymind to enthusiastically give and receive as you wish. Your authentic awareness and acceptance will further allow you to energetically sustain momentum in all your desired changes.

In the final part of this discussion, I will consider how "being patient" interacts with "releasing resistance" and "allowing" to promote your possibilities.

As you practice with releasing resistance and allowing in various situations, you might wonder:

"What will my amazing power of allowing reveal now?"

Love and Peace,

PS de résistance: After I wrote about releasing, my external hard drive suddenly failed, and I received a notice from the IRS about auditing us. Both unexpected events provoked initial "pain" (e.g., discomfort, frustration, irritation). Then, I had many opportunities to let go of my resistance to "what is." Later, in my allowing, I was inspired to develop creative, simple, and easy solutions to deal with the prompt replacement and installation of a new drive, and the comprehensive generation of numerous required financial documents. At some point, I was able to laugh about all of this.

Love your practice!

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