Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who's Your Teacher?

What have you done to find health and happiness in your life? If you're like many people engaged in personal growth, you probably have spent your time, energy, and money on a variety of methods, teachings, and teachers to support your quest.

What are your results now?

If you're healthy and happy, congratulations! You have made an important discovery that everyone needs to know:

The secret to your life is hidden in the last place you might look. That's right, in you!

You have everything you need within.

This outrageous Truth forms the foundation of most ancient traditions, and suggests that the key to whatever you seek can be found in the Divine Source within you.

In this context, you may wonder about the purpose of all forms of "external" teachers. How can such resources be helpful?

For your reflection on this question, consider the following excerpt from The Simple Truth (see The Heart of HeartVoice):

2. As you develop an individual personality conditioned by society and survival habits, your nature becomes progressively obscured, you feel separate from others, and you forget your essential self.

Your everyday socialization and programming "clouds" your awareness and you feel disconnected from the Radiance of the Divine in you.

In this process, your individual experiences combine with "collective" (e.g., cultural) patterns in your subconscious mind to produce memories that drive your habitual thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. The ongoing repetition of these habits establishes a powerful mechanism for forgetting your essential nature.

Although this pervasive human condition seems insurmountable, there's good news. You can easily have access to people who have broken through this cloud of forgetting and reconnected with the Truth. These "external resources" can provide direct (e.g., teachings) and indirect (e.g., by their example) ways to remove your sources of obscuration and remember your own true self.

From this external position, such teachers can help you to see yourself from a different perspective and develop a new paradigm of being in the world. No matter what assists in your "waking up," you must know that these significant resources are only reminders.

There are no substitutes for the Teacher within you.

As you reconnect with your Divine nature as reflected in your HeartVoice, you will begin to disengage from your memories, break old reactive habit patterns, experience freedom, and allow inspiration to move you.

With the blessings of Grace, heartfelt gratitude, and your loving practice, let that inspiration flow fully in you.

Listen to the Teacher within!

Love and Peace,

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