Friday, May 7, 2010

Reclaim Your Birthright!

Pause for a moment right now.

Stop doing anything else.

Allow yourself to become fully aware of your bodymind.

Give yourself some time and feel your body position and sensations.

Relax and gently focus your attention on your breathing--just letting the exhalations and inhalations flow smoothly and softly.

Now, with this soft witnessing, watch this video:

After you've seen the video, contemplate these questions:
  • How would you describe the infant Jane?
  • What did you notice about yourself as you experienced the child?
Consider some words people have used to describe Jane: open, quiet, unguarded, friendly, bright, present, sweet, cute, wonderment, enthusiastic, serene, happy, adorable, beautiful, aware, and so on.

Imagine watching other infants. You probably would apply similar attributes to these infants as well. Although the specific words might differ somewhat, your observations suggest that all infants possess the kinds of qualities Jane demonstrates.

While Jane doesn't have the self-awareness (consciousness) or self-expression (language) that you do as an adult, there's something compelling about her. Something inspires you to be present with her--to experience Jane's, and your own, qualities of being.

This Source of inspiration reflects Essence.

In the HeartVoice model*, Essence, or Who you are, establishes the primordial foundation for the countless expressions of qualities of being in infants, and for those you noticed in yourself.

From this perspective, all these various characteristics have their roots in three Essence qualities--Peace, Love, and Joy.

These three core qualities exist in all human beings at birth, and therefore, represent your Nature, your birthright.

If you would like to deepen your connection with your birthright, you can deliberately create more experiences that cultivate any one of the three qualities.

Here's one way to begin:
  • Select one of the qualities--Peace, Love, or Joy--for your focus.
  • Relax, breathe, and feel your bodymind (as before).
  • Watch the video again.
  • As you observe Jane, notice her expressions of your chosen quality (e.g., being peaceful).
  • Now, imagine that quality present in you as a physical sensation (e.g., warmth), a color (e.g., white), or an image (e.g., a rose), You can use one or more of these representations.
  • As you continue being with Jane, allow the strength of the sensation, color, or image to expand in you.
  • Breathe the experience into your entire bodymind.
  • When you're ready, let your eyes close, bring your attention to your Heart area, and rest in the experience of your quality.
  • Quietly close your practice with the statement:
"I am _________" (the chosen quality--Peace, Love, or Joy)

You can repeat this practice with one quality for a period of time (e.g., a month), or alternate among all three. Experiment, play, and have fun!

May you have a "Jane" experience every day!

Love and Peace,

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