Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Heart of HeartVoice

At the root of every perception, you have a powerful system of beliefs. This system has developed from your birth or earlier, and involves conscious and subconscious content. Therefore, your core beliefs significantly affect the ways you experience and make sense of yourself and your place in the world.

When you encounter someone new, you quickly assess the person's "fit" with your own belief system. As you perceive greater fit, you're more likely to be open and inviting. This feeling of similarity (resonance) will then encourage your desire to learn more about that person.

The same assessment process pertains to your involvement with businesses, organizations, groups, and others who present unfamiliar ideas. For this reason, you may want to begin your possible engagement with any "system" by examining their foundational beliefs.

As an example, you can read about my beliefs that create the vital support for all aspects of the HeartVoice system.

The Simple Truth

1. You come to this world as eternal Spirit, primordially pure, one with all beings, with the essential nature of Peace, Love, and Joy, and are born in human form to fully experience and express your true and authentic self.

2. As you develop an individual personality conditioned by society and survival habits, your nature becomes progressively obscured, you feel separate from others, and you forget your essential self.

3. You can remove your sources of obscuration, and your sense of separation from your natural self and others.

4. You can access your essence, remember your true self, and experience freedom and inspired living.

These core beliefs and their associated patterns establish a paradigm that expresses my view of the universal human design, the persistent impact of conditioning, the release from this "survival prison," and the rediscovery of natural possibilities.

Each of these truths is critical for the whole. Without the first one, for example, you might easily believe that your nature is actually the obscuration, that you truly are separate from others, and that "survival" is your best outcome. In this view, life becomes a sentence!

You might find value in exploring your own core beliefs.

  • What would you include in your version of The Simple Truth?
  • What are your operating beliefs about your human nature?
  • What is your essential view of yourself and your environment--the core qualities and characteristics?
Reflect on these questions and write your essential beliefs. You may periodically (e.g., annually) review these beliefs to make any desired clarifications, revitalize their meaning to you, and deepen your commitment. You might also contemplate their enduring impact in the varied realms of your daily life.

May your core beliefs nurture your natural freedom and inspired expression!

Love and Peace,

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