Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enjoy Your Dream Vacation!

With the arrival of Spring just ahead, you may be looking forward to a break from winter weather and a refreshing vacation somewhere.

Even if you can't afford a wonderful trip to a posh resort, you can still relax your body, calm your mind, soothe your emotions, and revitalize your energy.

And, you can experience all these benefits, without any hassles or expense, whenever you wish.

Here's my simple exercise, Your Dream Vacation, to help you on your way.

Basic Exercise
Read these five steps first to orient yourself. Then, play with the process:
  1. Sit in a comfortable chair and relax. Remove your shoes and glasses if you wish.
  2. Relax more, and take three slow, deep breaths. Be deliberate as you inhale and exhale softly.
  3. Now, the next time you inhale, raise your arms up and put your hands behind your head. You can interlace your fingers or not.
  4. Exhale, lean back gently, and look out and up with a "soft" gaze. You can remain in this posture as long as you feel relaxed--a few seconds, several minutes, or more.
  5. Enjoy!
As you can see, you're performing a physical action that's familiar and natural, just with more attention.

Once you've mastered the Basic Exercise, here are some ways you can enhance and deepen your experience. Try as many as you like:
  • As you exhale in Step 4, allow a sound (e.g., ahhh or mmm) to come from your open mouth.
  • If your physical movements are limited for some reason, imagine yourself going through all five steps with as much detail as you can. As research has demonstrated, your whole bodymind will respond as if you are actually engaged in the process!
  • Make your setting as restful as possible. Put on relaxing clothes, lie on a couch, hammock, or chaise lounge, have a drink nearby, or add music. Then do the Basic Exercise.
  • Repeat the Basic Exercise with this extension. After you've leaned back in Step 4, close your eyes. Now, imagine yourself on a favorite vacation or in a place you have always wanted to visit. Allow yourself to experience all the pleasant physical sensations of this delightful, imagined paradise . . . colors, textures, smells, sounds, tastes, temperature . . . your feelings and your thoughts. Let yourself be. Smile. Relax as long as you wish.
  • Practice the Basic Exercise in the environment of an actual vacation. While there, find a spot where you won't be disturbed. Then, complete the five steps, as you fully experience--absorb--the qualities of this setting. Repeat as often as you desire. In this way, you will create and powerfully strengthen the connections between the posture, your bodymind, and your rejuvenating vacation. You will be able to relive the entire experience whenever you imagine.
With the Basic Exercise and the enhancements, your primary aspiration is to have fun as you play with Your Dream Vacation.

Bon voyage!

Love and Peace,

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