Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Discover Your Possibilities . . .

Remember how you felt the last time you found something you had lost?

You were probably relieved and excited to recover what was missing.

In most situations, your possession wasn't actually "lost" or "missing." You just didn't know where it was, where to look, or how to find it.

This same insight applies to your HeartVoice, the authentic self or expression of the Divine that inspires you.

Although you might not be aware of your HeartVoice at this moment, you haven't lost or missed this essential characteristic of being. You only need a way to realize the Truth that has always been present.

All my HeartVoice activities share this orientation--to reconnect you with your authentic self--and then engage this connection in different applications. These contexts include whole-person healing, legacy development, and organizational consulting.

HeartVoice Healing Program
About ten years ago, I realized the need to go beyond conscious and subconscious actions, thoughts, and beliefs to the deeper, transformative source of change--energy.

With this perspective, I integrated the exercises, practices, and processes of my Creative Change model, which had evolved for more than 25 years, with ancient and modern energy healing methods. Then, I added some new tools and skills I developed.

This new system formed the basis for HeartVoice Healing.

The three interconnected phases of this Program represent an innovative progression of healing that you can take on according to your own pace and your specific needs for support.

The phases, Remembering Your HeartVoice, Loving Your HeartVoice, and Expressing Your HeartVoice, develop your self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-expression.

Living Your HeartVoice Program
Your connection with your HeartVoice opens the doorway to a new paradigm or ways of being, doing, and having in the world. You truly discover your own possibilities for inspired living.

With the cultivation of this core connection, my purpose in the Living Your HeartVoice: Your Inspired Legacy Program is to help you enjoy an inspired, living legacy every day.

The three components of the Program involve Designing, Building, and Sustaining Your Inspired Legacy. In these processes, you deliberately engage your values, purpose, aspirations, and choices to establish an inspired legacy for yourself and for others now, and in the future.

HeartVoice Corporate Consulting
Your values, purpose, aspirations, and choices reflect your individual or collective (organizational) HeartVoice.

Thus, HeartVoice Corporate Consulting focuses on core values and compelling future directions to help organizations experience the inspiration and skills necessary to make creative, meaningful, and sustainable changes and overcome their barriers to success.

In all three contexts, you reclaim your awareness of your HeartVoice, nurture that deep connection, and create new possibilities in some inspired forms of individual or organizational expression.

Aspire to be inspired!

Love and Peace,

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